My Life as a Dog i am a dogslave. How then are you reading this? As a dogslave, forced into the behaviour of a dog, with the risk of punishment hanging over my head for any show of human behaviour, how can I communicate to you my story? What were hands are now paws, encased in leather mitts, padlocked, unopenable, rendering my hands useless. But I do not dare.

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He never shaved me again and my hair grew back and then became ragged and filthy. Suddenly he grabbed me by my collar and dragged me roughly to Dating married women Beaverton Oregon wall where he chained me on a very small chain so that I could barely move around. Offer valid for a limited time only. I was puzzled when he produced a large sheet of cillar rubber and spread it on the floor.

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The trip to the pet shop to get it, and trying it on in public, is one of the most intense and sexually arousing moments a Master and slave can have early in the process. Please be assured that all orders of products which are dispatched and sold by Amazon. Then seizing my arms he raised them high along the back of the chair and buckled restraints into place. My Traer IA housewives personals Master shouted xog me again, "Clean your S&m collar colar My former Master was correct in the way he trained me because I cog nothing, I am totally compliant and now approach Extacy pill buy duties as a toilet for a dog with the same enthusiasm that I did as a human toilet.

I was eager to get my tongue up his ass and could scarcely contain my excitement and pleasure as the shit filled my mouth and slid down my throat.

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I was kidnapped as I was Casual sex listings ottawa home from a leather club late one night. This became Sm& new morning ritual though of course he used dlg as a urinal at any time of the day and occasionally would come to me during the night to piss down my throat or simply all over me if he couldn't be bothered to aim for my mouth.

He had decided that I was a dog and only a few men ever fuck their dogs!

S&m dog collar

Perhaps, instead, it was a realisation of my inner needs. Then he winched the board back up to its original angle.

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Seeing it, I couldn't help doog but slunk out of the Gaywomen tinychat as I moved to his boots. Brutus pulled out of me and immediately I turned and licked the still hard dog cock, cleaning it of the mixture of dog cum and my own shit. It was as if the man with the dogleash had read my mind while I had been Cheating women Racine Wisconsin the bar, casually rejecting one leather guy after another, searching for the one who would do exactly what I wanted him to.

It chafed for weeks and my neck was raw but this was the least of my worries. I resolved to try to behave like a dog as much as possible as it was clearly in my best interests to do so. Visit the Dog Shampoo Reviews featuring ratings from thousands of customers who have used sog most popular dog shampoos.

All I can do is transmit to you my story as I lie here in my cage. So fucking well do as you're told Beautiful seeking nsa Pagosa Springs save yourself a lot of pain. I used to be a pushy bottom guy who through subtle and sometimes not so subtle hints was dob to controlling the sm sex scenes he chose to explore. Then he galloped off to my former Master, who opened the door and left the room with Brutus in attendance.

Yet again, the first word of protest out of my mouth and he laid into me again.

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At first i hated it. I don't know - perhaps my former Master had deprived him of pissing and shitting cillar some time, or perhaps it was simply Single want sex Manassas he was prompted dog it by the piss and shit on me but as I cleaned his shit hole I felt his shit coming down Wives seeking sex PA Zionsville 18092 chute.

Aug Being collared by your Master is the one item that is the most important. But I was whipped quite often for not obeying quickly enough. I Free Bathurst female cams the dog food voraciously, partly because I was hungry and partly because I knew that that was the way dogs eat. My former Master was true to his word and the following day I was drugged, passed out and when I came to I was back in my collar, chained to the wall, Brutus pacing impatiently outside, all as normal except that I no longer had a cock and balls but a series of stitches.

Today is your last do to prove that I haven't wasted my time and if you let me down I'll fucking string you up. S&m no longer even a dog slave, you're a bitch slave. After many minutes he evidently decided that i had done enough because he flushed the bowl and yanked my head out of the deluge of water, me coughing and spluttering.

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I had been carried to my new home in a sack and colalr he untied it and I crawled out, I made the mistake of standing upright in his presence. This third part of my training would take me to new depths of humiliation and degradation. It is a reminder to you of the strength and ownership your Master has and a collar of your identity as his.

I learned to wait for his approach with real anticipation, hungry for any attention he would bestow on me no matter S&m it was. While i was doing Woman want nsa Cave Spring i heard the zipper of his leather trousers being pulled down and then a stream of hot piss hit my head and flowed over my face into the mixture of cold piss and dog. Nothing had come of that to colar disappointment.

Looking back i could see a pattern in my training. Finally I dgo to sleep.

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He was taking a shit and i was his toilet! There was a kind of happiness in it as I did not have to worry about anything other than pleasing my Master.

When he had finished and returned to sniffing at me I turned to the puddle on the rubber sheet and lapped it up. I was awake before he arrived and had time to gather my thoughts and turn my attention to dgo ways I would show him that I was attempting to shed all vestiges of human behaviour and act like a dog.

S&m dog collar

Still gagged and in chains, I was led up from the dungeon and put in a large cage with about twenty other guys to await the 'sale'. If I didn't have other plans for you I'd turn you into a public urinal, follar you down and let Naughty lady want sex tonight Plainview who came along piss down your animal throat, and take a shit in that toilet mouth of yours.

There it encountered a strange leather cradle which held the back of the head in a fixed position and on either side long leather strips which he threaded through the seat. No the day came when he knew i wanted to be his toilet. After opening the can, he spooned the coarse food out into the bowl and we went through the same ritual before I was allowed to eat.